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Floating office or exclusive showroom

Would you like to make an impression on your clients? Make people see your unique brand as opened to any future challenge? Do you seek an inspirational and creative space for your every day work? What about a brainstorming with a light breeze around your head and quiet splashing sound of water in the background?

Do you offer unique, unrepeatable products of unique design and features and are looking for a matching environment where to present them to your customers? PORT X offers much more than that. Its clean lines will attract attention whereas inside your products will play the leading role. In addition, you gain an ideal space for meetings with new clients or parties for the existing ones.

PORT X represents an ideal solution for small and middle sized companies – it will always follow them in their growing ambitions.

The space can serve not only as an office or showroom, but also as a small hotel, cafe or restaurant, gallery or any combination of these and countless other options. It's only up to your imagination.


This office space is an example of the location on land. The utility surface is 57,5 m2 with extra terrace of 37,6 m2. Built-up surface is 104,3 m2.

The vestibule includes a built-in wardrobe, there is also a toilet. In the center of the object is a meeting room with 6 chairs, surrounded by two open space offices forming work place for up to 8 people.

Right wing of the object hosts a small kitchen.

Light loft object with big retails with utility surface of 103,1 m2 and a terrace of 35,8 m2. Built-up surface is 155 m2.

The object opens with a reception and a small kitchen, there is also a toilet and a technical room. The meeting room for 6 people is to be found in the middle whereas 2 separated offices for management are to its right.

One of them leads to a small terrace space of 8,9 m2. The rest of the object is a generous open space for up to 14 workers.

This exclusive office space is divided into 2 parts by a sheltered terrace of 24,4 m2, which also serves as an entering bridge to the object. Utility surface is 170 m2 and terrace 82,5 m2. Built up surface is 286 m2.

Both parts are built with glass retails. Left wing is conceived as a sumptuous head office with meeting room leading to the terrace. There is a kitchen, space for administration and a showroom.

All the rest of the object can be used as a spacious showroom as well.

More client changes

The customer is always right and therefore any change that comes to your mind you feel would be useful for you - we are ready to review and inform you about its feasibility and cost.

In principle, for example, the internal division of space by the plasterboard partitions can easily be altered therefore all presented floor plans are mere examples - whether you prefer more open space or more rooms, if fully up to your decision. One can choose between different materials, inner equipment, various heating technologies, etc.